Sunday, September 17, 2006

The search for Lyedia

Today is the 8th of Nightal, and I met with Vlorn this morning. The old man has always been kind, but I'm not certain if he's holding back information from me, in order to protect me from something. He mentioned that an acolyte of Tymora may have some information that would lead me to my sister. The cleric is one that I've met before, an irritating little man named Adama.

My first encounter with Adama was at the Bloody Fist, the first tenday that I was in Waterdeep. He is a cocky little shit, the type of man who's bark is way worse than his bite, and I suspect that less than half of what he claims to have done has actually happened. He tried to tell me yesterday morning that my dear Lyedia was aligned with the Zhentarim, and is currently working out of Skullport. I know that she's been misguided in the past, but I refuse to believe that she's that evil.

The little man then began to taunt me, telling me that I didn't have the courage to brave Skullport or Undermountain. We shall see. I plan on heading into Skullport either tonight or the following night. I must find my sister, and see if she is alright.

May Tymora guide me through the evil that lies below this city, and bring my sister into the light safely.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Flying, Magicians, and Family

I'm not normally a big fan of wizards and the like, but I have to give the Halruuans their due. Their flying machine is beyond believable, and they can sling some fierce magic when called upon.

We have a new straggler with the group. An older woman named Ember. I'm not certain that the rest of the guys trust her. I found some time to talk with her the night before the dragons descended on us, and she's got as much of a spark of adventure as my dear sister Lyedia.

We're back in Waterdeep, and I must seek out Vlorn and my sister. I'm concerned about her, and before we left, Vlorn hadn't heard a word from her for quite a time.